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2 Softball Practice Drills to Improve Vision
almost 3 years ago

In softball, vision alludes to more than simply visual perception.

Vision includes the capacity to precisely see components, for example, movement, area and revolution on the field or at the plate.


Indeed, even players with immaculate 20/20 visual perception can enhance their softball vision by utilizing these activities.

Softball and Vision

Softball players depend on exact vision for each part of the amusement.

Competitors are always deciding, and their vision will influence their capacity to prevail on the field. Consider the part great vision has on the accompanying options:

  • While batting, the hitter must choose how to swing, or regardless of whether to swing ceaselessly in view of the area, speed and revolution of the pitch.
  • While base running, a player must pick whether to run or stay, and decide when she can effectively take a base.
  • While handling grounders or fly balls, an outfielder must figure out where to meet the ball, and choose where to toss the ball once she has it.

Great vision can transform a normal player into an awesome player, while terrible vision can ruin an incredible player from contacting her potential. And yes, dont' for get to get the perfect softball gloves that suits you. 


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