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Mike Trout's Batting Advice
over 2 years ago

A year ago's American League Rookie of the Year, Mike Trout makes them hit tips for Little League up-and-comers and maturing softball players alike. "Your legs are genuine critical," Trout, 21, tells 'Men's Journal.'" If you're utilizing all hands up there, it's not going to work."

Hip turn is basic, he says. Tee drills are useful for making muscle memory: Drive your hip toward the ball and your back knee toward your front lower leg. In the "beat hand" bore, the hitter breaks down with one hand on the bat, around the highest point of the grasp. Drive the handle of the bat straight toward the ball, keeping your hands near your body. That educates an immediate, effective swing. As any Little League mentor knows, that can be a troublesome idea to get a handle on for youthful hitters, a large portion of whom tend to circle the best baseball bat through the strike zone utilizing all arms.


Trout, a New Jersey local, was guided by his dad (a previous Minnesota Twins draft pick) at each level until secondary school. "Until then, I hit everything to left handle," he says. "I couldn't hit the ball the other way. Presently, I'm totally the inverse. I remain inside the ball." To hit an outside pitch to right handle, a righthanded hitter's hands must move "inside" (or before) the pitch as it crosses the plate, making a bat point in which the handle is out before the barrel.


Trout says he can't stress adhering to a good diet enough. In expert baseball, "the spread we have after the amusement is entirely solid," however the ceaseless voyaging can make some negative behavior patterns. "When we get in late and the main thing open is fast food, it can be hard to keep up a sound eating regimen," he concedes, however he is a "Celebrated Fan" for Subway, where probably the lean meat in the chain's Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich is superior to, say, a Whopper. He has one preferred standpoint on a large portion of his colleagues, he notes with a chuckle: "A portion of the folks who are a little more established certainly need to watch themselves somewhat more than I do," he says.


Similarly as any devoted competitor knows he ought to eat right, the most seasoned exhortation in the book, Trout says, is as yet the best guidance for a hitter: "Keep your head on the ball. You must hit it in the first place, then look where it goes. Individuals get stuck in an unfortunate situation when they search for where the ball's going, and they haven't hit it yet."

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