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Tips for Catching Murray Cod
almost 3 years ago

It's the ideal opportunity for dotted green once more. The Murray cod season is again open in Queensland and New South Wales. These famous Aussie fish can be gotten in the streams and dams of southern Qld, a lot of NSW, the ACT, northern Victoria and the south-east corner of South Australia. Effectively online networking is humming with pictures of cod addicts who were tallying during the time until the opening of the season on the 1 December. How about we investigate a portion of the approaches to get a Murray cod in my most angled region – The Qld/NSW Border Region.

The Cod Dams

In Queensland we have a few surely understood cod lakes. Two of the most gainful are Leslie and Coolmunda Dams. They give a perfect place to fishermen with vessels or kayaks to wander out looking for the old goodoo. Leslie has many stone shake developments yet separated from that, both lakes are very featureless. A couple standing and fallen trees in their upper areas are prime cod nation when the lakes are full however when the level is low, this water is generally excessively shallow; especially amid the hotter months.


While they may seem drained of cod dens, on the off chance that you look nearer utilizing a quality sounder, you'll soon discover zones which will probably hold your quarry. Along the drop off to the old stream and brook beds are a lot of depressed tangle heaps. Large portions of these were on the more extreme edges where it was less demanding to cut off huge trees than force them over with dozers before the lake was overflowed. These old tree stumps and root balls are an incredible hang out for Aussie locals and are unquestionably worth examination.


Trolling profound jumping draws is an awesome approach to cover the drop off edge. Cod will regularly be lurking in the shadows and will move far from their homes when they are effectively cruising and searching for their next feast. They won't generally be in this bolstering inclination so it additionally pays to more than once work the better tangles.


Throwing baits like spinnerbaits and lipless vibes in both hard and delicate forms is an incredible approach to work over the better looking obstacles. Utilize draws sufficiently substantial to test the profundity the obstacle is in.

Promote south are another three top cod dams. Glenlyon, Pindari and Copeton are home to some tremendous fish.


These lakes have significantly more structure in the method for standing and fallen trees and rough developments. Throwing around the edges of these lakes is a decent approach. Exact throws can truly pay off particularly for the littler cod. These littler fish tend to tuck into the shadows made by rocks which bulge out marginally more distant than whatever remains of the shoreline. The huge models will hold around more huge structure however will be discovered wandering the precarious rough dividers and focuses. In the event that there are settled weed beds, they are additionally worth throwing to. Arm yourself with a couple of solid actioned, profound plunging hard bodies and some greater spinnerbaits and you'll be prepared to handle the cod in these dams.


Waterways and Creeks

The waterways and rivulets in similar regions are all home to the cod. This is the headwaters of the cod's natural surroundings as the all spill out of west of the range in Qld and Northern NSW into the compelling Murray River. Get to can be by means of stores which shockingly angle great regardless of the weight. It appears draw angling fishermen get a much greater rate of the cod and are more disposed to discharge them than goad fishos. Different contrasting options to achieve less angled ranges are to attempt and build up associations with ranchers who claim arrive on the waterway or travel through watercraft or kayak leaving from free spots.


The streams and rivers around there can shift a ton in the way they present as cod holding highlights. In some littler frameworks it could be an overhanging bottlebrush, fallen trees are an extraordinary place to test in the greater waterways and rough arrangements are prime in the stone nation. Simply recall structure or shade is the key amid the hotter months.


Cod Box

You needn't bother with a hundred baits to go and get a cod. You can basically arm yourself with a couple of the demonstrated ones and convey an extra of each on the grounds that there are a lot of tangles and a decent possibility of losing a couple. A ton of cod anglers pursue the fish by walking so all their rigging can without much of a stretch fit inside a great fishing backpack.

  • Here's a couple of things I'd be pressing for a cod session.
  • Strong actioned, profound jumping hard bodies in medium and vast sizes (6)
  • 5/8 ounce cod measured spinnerbaits with delicate plastic trailers (6)
  • Surface paddlers (2)
  • Pliers, scissors, lip holds, save pioneer (20-50lb)
  • Camera
  • Water, sunscreen, cap

Like all fish species there are a swag of draws which will get these fish. There has been a developing pattern to toss huge swimbaits and stickbaits. A few fishers ache for the surface strike and toss only topwater baits. When you get the cod bug, you'll soon have much a bigger number of draws than you can bear by walking – fortunately we have pontoons which take care of that issue. One can never have an excess of handle.


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